Fun, funky or fabulous... we want to help!

We aren’t just event designers, we’re storytellers. We offer assistance in selecting your floral, linen, menu, china, tables, chairs, lighting, tenting, and beyond! If you have diverse, tastes, are stumped on how to pull it all together, or simply need someone to help draw out your inner event style, we are here to help you!


We can plan your Debutante Gala, Afternoon Tea, Milestone Birthday, and make your social event memorable by creating a fantastic experience for your guests while taking the pressure off of you.


Good branding makes the world go 'round...

Your brand is important to you – and you want to ensure that your event communicates your visition while staying within budget and meeting your marketing milestones.


We can help manage your corporate event marketing, logistics, media, and vendor contracts for conferences, meetings, retreats, celebrations, and more!


Making lists, and checking them twice

We don’t discriminate at Honey & Bee, we like to party all of the time and designing holiday parties holds a special place in our hearts. Christmas, 4th of July, New Year’s Eve… we’ll even plan a Presidents Day party if that’s what you need! We handle the scheduling, logistics, paperwork, invitations, emails, phone calls, and everything in between so you don’t have to.


You don’t work, live, or play in a box, so don’t get your party out of one either. Let Honey & Bee take your next holiday party to the limits. Be bold, be exciting, be unforgettable.


Artfully meticulous...

As a boutique special event consulting and design firm, Honey & Bee provides full-service event planning, coordination, and design services to our clientele, while tailoring the event experience to compliment your unique needs. all of our clients receive customized planning tools, one on one consultations, and tailored design boards to help maximize your experience.


Each client is unique and we create bespoke planning packages to meet your exclusive budget, wants, and needs. Each package is truly customized to fit your timeline, guest count, service needs and venue.

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